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Always thriving for innovation, Genie Soft System made significant lead in cutting edge technology – Web 2.0.
Web 2.0 is second-generation of internet-based services such as Rich Internet Applications, social networking sites, wiki, online collaboration, audio-video streaming, and communication tools. Genie Soft System has setup Web 2.0 center of excellence (COE) to provide the latest and greatest technologies to our clients. Most of our current clients have been benefiting and are providing their users exceptional and rich user experience.

Our Web 2.0 Experience

Online Networking/Collaboration/Communication

RSS formats are specified in XML (a generic specification for data formats). RSS delivers its information as an XML file called an “RSS feed”, “webfeed”, “RSS stream”, or “RSS channel”.

We have customized “simplepie” feed aggregator in some of our projects to read news feeds.

Web Services

E-commerce Development

At Genie Soft System we combine the right people, processes, and cutting edge technologies to help you reduce your costs and time to market your products and achieve competitive advantage through our innovative E-Commerce Solutions.

Our highly skilled graphic designers, animators, web developers, and art specialists develop creative and interactive Websites for all businesses. The sites developed by us are aesthetically appealing with nice graphics & attractive color combinations to make an Instant visual impact that relates and reflect the business portrayed.

Our main competency in e-commerce is to shorten the time to market through our Fast Track E-commerce Development program. We have predefined templates and components for essential E-commerce development..

E-commerce Key Features: